Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rambling Insomniac: Vol. 1

Okay so maybe I'm not an insomniac, that would require a professional diagnosis. And I think I would know if there were really cool pills just laying about at my disposal. So I'm just a guy that stays up for absolutely no reason, knowing full well that I have a flight in the morning to California... I'm just that guy.

Well, I have had a ton of nights like these... and the thing is when I have them, I'm not really all there in the head. So I guess from now on I'll just blog here and laugh about the weird stuff I said in the morning... or cry, whatever. I'm so positive that there will be more nights like this, I titled this "Volume One." Many more installations to come... so, let's ramble!

I thought My Sister's Keeper was a different movie entirely, so when people brought it up I would always respond "Yeah it's supposed to be really funny." I glared at a "Sandwich Artist" at Subway the entire time she was making my sandwich because she kept laughing with her coworkers and looking pissed off everytime I interrupted her to request cheese. I had a dream last night that I was Jigglypuff in the Super Smash Brothers game. I was excited to purchase a new flavor of Special K the other day, one of the few things I get excited about nowadays. The flavor was cinnamon and pecan, and I was enraged to find it tasted exactly like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I cussed twice. When I learned the truth about the subject matter of My Sister's Keeper while watching a trailer on TV I laughed for 10 minutes, then felt awful and filthy. During our Father's Day dinner at Salas Mexican restaurant, my Lita pulled an old Lemon from her shirt pocket and put it in her water... she did this without an ounce of shame, and even told the waiter happily that she brought an extra lemon with her. Why can't I sleep?!?! It's really quiet down here. I have really weird tics, when I set my alarm I don't trust that it's actually set, so I get up to check it three or four times during the night. I guess I'm done here.


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