Monday, June 15, 2009

The Queen of England is stuck up and pasty.

I had a really good day today! I had to wake up at the ungodly hour of 9:30 (I usually kind of roll out of bed at 11:00... ahhh summer) to go to Wichita Falls, TX. We decided to take Lito and Lita along with us because they love Luby's and walking around the mall like they're homeless.

We ate with the usual crowd of senior citizens who also enjoy Luby's cafeteria food and then headed out to the mall. I heard a Scottish accent on the radio and asked innocently, "What would it be like if we were Scottish?" Weird question I know, but given the individuals that have surrounded me I think it's excusable. Lita woke up from her deep slumber, "You don't want to be like those white people and Queen Elizabeth, she's pasty stuck up and English." I wish I could type in all the vaguely foreign accents and phlegm that Lita installs in each word. "She don't care about nobody and she's pasty and she's been alive forever and she's from England." Of course with the "been alive forever" thing it's kind of like... pot, kettle, black... but whatever: "And you can tell that if you talked to her should we be all [Mexican gibberish Mexican gibberish Mexican gibberish] and I would have to be all [More Mexican gibberish, but more stern and angry] and I wouldn't be afraid to fight her. Really honest."

Lita likes ending everything she says with "Really honest" because it gives a hint of validity to her verbal shock and awe.

So then we went to the mall, half heartedly attempted to find Padre a Father's Day gift and kind of gave up after debating over a Quesadilla grill. Bought our own stuff. Left. Then I came home, swam, hung out, played video games, ate more stuff. I haven't been this inactive in forever... it's


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